Parts Selling

Parts Selling as a work of art

Through the years, Q-Products has built a well known reputation of Europe’s # 1 distributor of hard to find “End of Life” IT items. In the always rapidly developing IT world, parts are taking out of the selling gamma of the large OEM’s faster and faster, leaving desperate customers behind with printers, servers, PC’s, notebooks, tablets and phones that could be very well repaired, if the technical parts were still findable. Q-Products is your reliable source for End of Life products of all major class-A OEM’s.


Q-Products sells to all types of customers including large corporate commercial resellers, high street retailers, value add system-integrators and everything in-between. These customers cover many different vertical markets and disciplines and Q-Products ensures we understand these areas as well as what our vendor’s can offer in them. It means we can help our customers successfully sell into Public Sector, Retail, Corporate and Small Businesses, and much more besides.

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